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Arms wax~Underarms wax~Legs wax~Basic bikini wax~Brazilian bikini wax~Hollywood bikini wax~Back wax~Full body

Does your body hair make you cringe and your skin look bad? We have the perfect solution to give you super-smooth and hair-free skin through a fast treatment - waxing hair removal. We make sure that it takes the least time and still gives you the results you’re expecting. Remember, this treatment not only aims towards removing your unwanted hair but also to make your skin look nice and smooth to touch.


Through our waxing hair removal service, we assure you of a least-painful procedure and a long-lasting effect. Whenever you feel like having a party look, we’re the only solution for you!

How We Do It

We use cream wax that are always gentle to your skin type. This is why our waxing professionals always examine your skin beforehand. The treatment is done in sterilized rooms so there’s no risk of bacteria affecting your skin. After the waxing process, a bacteria-free cooling lotion is applied to prevent your skin from irritation and getting ingrown hair.


If you’re using skin products that contain glycolic acids or alpha hydroxy acids, then we suggest you wait 3-5 days before getting your skin waxed. Also, try not to consume Retin A or Acutane if you’re planning the waxing hair removal service.

A Hollywood wax is a bikini wax where all the hair is gone (front, back and in between) A Brazilian wax is the same but w will leave a strip of hair in the middle

*a 24-hour patch test is required for your first wax, this is free of charge

Half leg wax
Half-leg & bikini line wax

Half legs & Hollywood bikini wax

Full leg wax
Full leg & bikini line wax

Full legs & Hollywood bikini wax
Basic bikini line (depilive hot wax)
Californian bikin wax
Brazilian / Hollywood (depilive hot wax) 
Under Arms (depilive hot wax)
Arms wax
Lip or Chin wax
Back or chest wax 

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