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UltraSonic Skin Scrubber Facial

Skincare Treatment Dublin 

Are you looking for a facial treatment you can book in for during your lunch break? The ultrasonic skin scrub is a 30-minute facial treatment which is suitable for most skin types. This treatment exfoliates your skin by removing dead skill cells and impurities, as well as cleansing your pores to remove blackheads.

An ultrasonic skin scrub involves a metal spatula which produces ultrasonic waves which gently exfoliate your skin by producing high-frequency waves which target your skin’s epidermis layer. The metal spatula works with a salicylic solution and water, which removes impurities from your skin. This device works to stimulate your skin’s renewal process to remove your dead skin cells for a targeted cleanse.


If you suffer from blackheads, congested pores, or have dull-looking skin, you’ll want to give this treatment a try. We recommend booking in for this treatment on a six-week cycle to help reduce acne and improve your skin’s texture.

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