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"Vitamin C is an irreplaceable vitamin for healthy skin." (Dr Des Fernandes)

Hello everyone and welcome!

Today I want to talk to you about how important Vitamin C is for our skin.

our example products;

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a molecule that is required by our body in small doses, but very important for the healthy growth of our cells and tissues. It is a fundamental micronutrient, also widely used in beauty products for its many benefits.

Most of us supplement our diet with fruit or Vitamin C supplements, but many don't know that it is more effective if applied to the skin, rather than ingested with food or pills.


· Fights the action of free radicals, slowing down skin aging.

· Activates the production of collagen to have a more toned and elastic skin.

· Makes the skin complexion homogeneous and brighter.

· Penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

· Lightens brown skin spots and prevents their appearance.

· Helps protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

· Stimulates cell renewal guaranteeing young skin for longer.

· Reduces inflammation.

· Protects the skin from environmental damage by improving the natural lipid barrier.

As you can see, Vitamin C is a real cure-all for our skin!.

Why choose a serum for your Vitamin C dose?

Both serum and moisture is a concentrated product, rich in active ingredients that enhances the effect of the cream that you will apply later. Its light and rapidly absorbed texture make it the perfect product for any skin type.

Giving your skin its daily dose of Vitamin C, you will be proud of the results! Seeing is believing!

See you soon ; )

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