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Sugaring hair removal Dublin 

Body Sugaring Hair Removal 
100% Organic Natural from Tamara's Sugar Paste

          Sugaring is a hair removal method using a paste applied as a strip or ball of natural ingredients such as lemon juice, water, and sugar. It is a temporary hair removal procedure eliminating hair growth from the skin.

   Depilation and epilation are the two methods of hair removal. Depilation cuts off the hair shaft above the skin surface employing methods such as chemical cream applications or shaving. Sugaring is an epilation method that involves removing hair from its root allowing a delayed period of hair regrowth.

           Sugaring like other hair removal techniques is done to improve hygiene.

The sugaring paste is made by mixing specified proportions of sugar, water, and lemon juice. The paste is heated until it turns amber in color before cooling to a comfortable temperature. The mixture is applied on the skin surface in the direction of hair growth and then a cloth placed on top which is then pulled quickly to remove the hair.

           Sugaring is relatively cost-effective as compared to other hair removal techniques. The ingredients needed for the process are naturally available with negligible cost implications. Unlike hot waxing or shaving, sugaring reduces the risk of skin scarring and skin traumatization. Sugaring is different from waxing because it only glues onto the hair and is effective for hairs four times shorter than waxing can achieve. Therefore, sugaring causes minimal skin irritation, minimal redness, and less discomfort compared to hot waxing.  Finally, water-based sugaring easily penetrates the hair follicle to eliminate additional hair with less breakage. 

LEGS - Lower Legs, Knees & Feet €30

            Upper Legs €30

            Full Legs €50    

            Full leg sugar & basic bikini line €65   


ARMS - Lower Arms €15

              Under Arms €18

              Full Arms €30                  

              Upper Arms €15

Lower Back €20


BIKINI - Basic Bikini €20

              Californian €30
             Brazilian €50
             Hollywood €50

FACE - Upper Lip €10                                                          
            Chin €1

             Lip & chin €15
            Cheeks €15

             Back of neck €10        
            Lip, Chin, Cheeks €30         


sugaring Hair removal dublin vegan organ
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