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"Skincare is essential, make up is a choice"

Hello everyone and welcome!

In this article I want to talk about what hyaluronic acid is, but above all why it is so important for the health of your skin.


Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating substance that is naturally produced by our skin and is a fundamental component of our connective tissues.

The greatest concentration of hyaluronic acid is found within the skin, inside the joints and eye sockets.

Its main function is to retain collagen to keep the skin hydrated, turgid and elastic and also protect it from viruses and bacteria thanks to the barrier it forms.

Unfortunately, starting from the age of 25, the hyaluronic acid that the skin produces decreases more and more and its lower concentration is one of the main causes of skin aging and joint pain.

Precisely for this reason it is very important to use products containing it within your beauty routine.

Let's find out why hyaluronic acid is good for our skin!.


These are all the benefits that the constant use of hyaluronic acid can give to your skin:

· It supplies the skin with all the water it needs to maintain an optimal level of hydration.

· Contrasts and slows down skin aging, preventing and improving the state of wrinkles and fine lines.

· Helps to plump the face, when it loses its elasticity, especially in the cheek and chin area.

· Compact all the skin tissue keeping the skin firm and elastic.

· Promotes the production of Collagen.

· Reduces oxidative skin damage, caused by both internal and external factors such as photo aging.

· Useful to counteract rosacea and improve red stretch marks.

· Facilitates and speeds up the healing of wounds, sunburn and burns.

In addition to skin health, products containing hyaluronic acid are essential for hair health, making them strong, healthy and voluminous and for eye health, especially those that are chronically dry.

As you can see, integrating products containing hyaluronic acid (face creams, serums, eye contours, hair products, supplements, eye drops ...) into your personal care is essential to restore the right amount of this very important substance to the skin and body!.

Remember that taking care of your skin is extremely important for all your well-being.

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See you soon :)!

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