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What is Eyebrow Threading

In Southeast Asia and the Middle East, eyebrow threading has been used for millennia to remove unwanted hair from the brow area. Essentially, the goal is to eliminate several hairs in a row, row by row, to form facial hair. A thread is wrapped over the brow region and dragged along areas of undesirable hair, serving as a mini-lasso, removing the hair straight from the root with no need for chemicals or excessive straining on the sensitive skin (Celletti, 2018). As a rule, the discomfort of eyebrow threading is manageable. The level of discomfort experienced by the patient relies on the aesthetician's competence.

To keep the thread under control, you will need dexterity and accuracy.

Threading, compared to other hair removal treatments like buffing, tweezing, or optical maser, is regarded as one of the harmless and utmost exact ways of hair amputation, particularly in the sensitive regions around the eyes. Threading enables our professionals to control which hairs are removed throughout the procedure. It is also completely natural, which means that no synthetic waxes, chemical agents, or surgical methods are used during the operation. Threading is regarded as one of the safest alternatives since she has observed scorches on or after waxing, especially in affected role who take retinoids for spots or have delicate skin, and threading is one of the most effective solutions (Celletti, 2018). While the procedure can remove undesirable brow hairs, it may also be used to target stubbles and peach fuzz-like growth that would otherwise go unnoticed by a waxing procedure.

If you wonder if it is possible to be allergic to brow threading, you will be relieved to hear that the possibilities are very slim to non-existent. As previously said, threading is a delicate technique that does not involve using any chemicals, which reduces the likelihood of developing an allergy (Celletti, 2018).


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