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Sugaring hair removal in Dublin city Centre

Only beauty Salon – hair removal experts

Who doesn't want silky smooth skin by getting rid of undesired hairs? We all know different types of approaches to remove hairs from different parts of our body like shaving, waxing, and laser treatment. Laser treatment is expensive and costs a lot to our pocket, shaving usually, left remarks like black patches, and have to use it frequently, and the hair which grows afterward feels thorny. If hair removal comes with some natural touch with long-lasting outcomes, and with pain in the count level four out of ten, that would be wonderful, right? The solution is at the Only beauty salon where we use the sugaring technique.

Why choose Only Beauty Salon?

Only Beauty Salon uses a very natural ingredient found at almost every home i.e., sugar, which after processing we term as sugaring process. Sugaring is a classic ancient method of hair removal that involves removing hair from the root with a 100% natural solution. Sugaring is a sweeter and an organic approach for removing annoying hair from limbs and loins than shaving, waxing, or expensive lasers. Sugaring is a hair removal procedure that involves spreading a paste made of natural materials like lemon juice, water, and sugar in a small amount to the skin.

In the sugaring process, a thick layer of sugar solution is applied opposite to the direction of the hair growth, and a thin sheet of cloth is put over the solution, and then pulling is done in the direction of the hair growth. It's a temporary hair removal method that inhibits new hair growth on the skin. But regular sessions of sugaring will slow down the growth of hair. Here in our salon, we use products that are 100% organic and which are loved by your skin once it gets in touch with this process, the name of the product which we use is Tamara’s Sugar.

Why do we use Tamara’s Sugar?

Every person in this world has different types of skin with a different type of sensitiveness in their skin towards chemical products. Tamara’s sugar doesn’t compromise the quality and is derived naturally without harming any living being. Tamara's Certified Organic Sugar comes in three distinct consistency options to meet your needs. All of their paste is certified organic, fair trade, and vegan by the Leaping Bunny. The different products we use according to the customer's needs are:

  • Tamara’s Ultra-Certified Organic Sugar Paste is ideal for wider parts of the body and for keeping skin soft in the coldest winter weather.

  • Smooth Certified Organic Sugar Paste is easy to use but powerful enough to remove stubborn hair.

  • Strong Organic Sugar Paste (Certified) - Hot hands, warm clients, and summer humidity doesn’t stop this firm paste from standing up to the toughest hair and Sugaring problems. Strong is also great for removing tough terminal hair.

  • Pre-Sugar Cleanser - This vegan cleanser is made with 88 percent organic ingredients and is a gentle yet effective approach to preparing your client's skin for Sugaring.

  • After Sugar Lotion - Manufactured with organic aloe and healing neem oil, this soothing lotion is made with 85 percent organic ingredients and designed to calm the skin and hair follicles after sugaring.

  • Drying Powder - This talc-free, all-natural body powder is ideal for drying and preparing the skin for sugaring. Because sugar paste is a water-soluble product, it's critical to choose a high-quality natural powder. Tapioca starch, corn starch, and arrowroot powder are the three simple and gentleingredients that makeup Drying Powder.

Benefits of sugaring for your skin

The popularity of sugaring is gaining its place over waxing, there are certain benefits as:

  1. There is no risk of abrasion or tearing since sugar does not adhere to live skin cells; only dead skin cells are removed.

  2. Sugar paste is not so hot, applying it never burns your skin.

  3. As the hair removal technique is just the opposite of waxing, so pain is felt less.

  4. Sugar paste can be washed with water after the process is done, and it’s not sticky.

  5. The waiting period is one of the most annoying aspects of waxing. Hair should be at least 1/4 inches long to be effective with wax. Although the smoothness is appealing, allowing those hairs to grow can put you in a thorny situation. The time spent waiting is reduced with sugaring. Sugaring may be done on hair as short as 1/8" and still be effective! So, if you're having trouble waiting for your hair to regrow, sugaring might be the best option.


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