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Retinol at homecare routine

Retinol is one of the leading skin care products in the market. It was discovered in 1909 and first made in 1947. As it belongs to a family of Vitamin A so generically it reduces the ageing

process and has proved its worth in the skincare market as well. After extensive studies it has the conclusion derived is that Retinol goes deep in the skin, neutralizes free radicals hence boosting the production of elastin and collagen causing a pumping effect.

The face is considered one of the most influential parts of one’s personality so everyone tries their best to look as perfect as possible by using various products like Retinol. When Retinol is applied to the face the magic happens but not instantly (it can take up to 6 to 12 months to get the desired outcome). The skin is constantly under stress due to aging as well as pollution factors, but with the aid of Retinol, things start to align again . It reduces any signs of stressing skin like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and effects of pollution impact on the skin making you look perfect but that is not all to the story. It also has some adverse effects like itchy, dry, and flushed skin.  

Considering that retinol is the strongest OTC version available as compared to other OTC retinoids so it must be used with extreme caution . It is recommended that in the initial stages it must be applied once in two days for the first 2 weeks and if the things are normal and with no side effects, then it can be applied for two nights on and one night off. After using it for a month with the same ratio no side effects have arisen then it can be applied every day.

As the production of elastin and collagen is supported in this process new blood vessels are likely being produced. This helps the skin in fading age spots, improves skin tone, and most important to reduces wrinkles. 

Being said that, it is important to keep an eye on its usage and side effects as it can cause serious problems. It is highly advised to keep a close eye on the slightest of side effects at every stage of usage because ignoring them and upgrading them can be harmful to the skin. Even when everything is working smoothly skin is still being weekend that’s why it is advised to use sunscreen in the daytime because the skin is weakened by this process and gets affected. One more drawback is that the effectiveness of the product will wear off if the process is not continued . Thus, one needs to keep on going with the process of a lifetime to get benefits along with the side effects.

Professionals have also shown their concerns like Board-certified dermatologist Zenovia Gabriel, MD, who notes that “People with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea cannot tolerate really strong topical like retinols.” Mervyn Patterson is a cosmetic doctor at Woodford Medical and he says, "The more retinol you put on the skin, the more these new cells appear at the surface, at which point a mechanism kick in that wants to shed the excess skin – that's the exfoliation process," he said.

It's better to be careful than to be a victim of your foolishness because some problems can be treated, other leave scars on the lives of the victims for a very long time.

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