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Full Body Waxing studio in Dublin

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Full body waxing involves the removal of hair from different parts of the body, such as the underarms, bikini area, arms, face, back, and entire legs. Full body wax always alternates between hard and soft waxes depending on the area to treat and the quantity of hair to clear in a particular section of the body. Therefore, this post explains why hair waxing is advantageous to the skin, where hair waxing can be done, and the advantages of performing hair waxing in a saloon by a certified waxer compared to waxing at home.

Reasons Why Waxing is Good for Skin

Some of the reasons why hair waxing on the skin is beneficial are: waxing can make the growth of hair to be thinner and sparser when done for a longer period, it does not cause more irritations to the skin as compared to other methods of hair removal, waxing aids in exfoliating the skin thus giving it a smoother and softer feeling when it is performed regularly, it is associated with less cuts, therefore, minimizing the infection risks on the hair, and it also helps to control ingrown hairs that can sometimes feel very painful (No-Cortes et al., 2022).

Where to Get Waxing Done

In the Dublin Irland, waxing is done in different establishments. In salons, it is done by professional cosmetologists who perform hair waxing for their customers. In the waxing studios, a well-trained specialist focuses on performing various waxing services. Some dermatology clinics may contain extra medical expertise providing body waxing services to clients with particular skin concerns. Fitness centers may contain additional body waxing services as part of their wellness services to everyone. Nail salons may also contain extra body waxing services for the upper lip and the eyebrows.

Advantages of Waxing in a Salon by a Certificate Waxer than Home Wax

Waxing done in the salon by a certified waxer is safer safe, and long-lasting. The professional waxer knows different types of skin and hair growth patterns to ensure a safe and successful waxing experience. Waxing done in the salon are safe due to hygiene standard maintained in the beauty salon, which minimizes risks of infection. Additionally, waxing done by a professional waxer are long-lasting and yields superior results than home waxing because the professional ensures that hair is removed from the root, which results in smoother and hair-free skin for a longer period (No-Cortes et al., 2022).


Waxing is a popular practice for an individual who wants an effective method of hair removal from their skin. It offers advantages to the skin, such as exfoliation, slower hair growth, and reduction in skin irritation. Some common places to get a wax done include beauty salons and spas, waxing studios, and Nail salons. When waxing is done in a salon by a certified waxer, it is safer and long-lasting than at home. The reason for this is based on professional waxers' skills and knowledge that cannot be found at home.


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