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"Key to more success is a clean heart and a clean face" (Dj Khaled)

Hello everyone and welcome! In today’s article we will talk about the fundamental step of a correct skin care routine and I will recommend you some very special products.


Cleansing our faces seems an obvious gesture, but many people make the mistake of not doing it properly and this leads to a lot of problems!

- Dull complexion

-Poor absorption of the active ingredients of creams and serums

-Uneven and short-lasting application of the make-up

-Imperfections like pimples and blackheads

-Acceleration of the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face.

Why is it so important to perform an accurate cleansing of the face?


⦁ It awakens the skin and gives a boost of energy

⦁ Eliminates dead cells and sebum deposited overnight

⦁ Revitalizes the skin, preparing it to absorb the creams that we will apply


⦁ Restores brightness to the skin after the aggression of dust, smog and pollutants that deposit during the day

⦁ Removes all the makeup residues that combined with impurities, form a thin film that closes the pores, not letting the skin breathe and causes a dull complexion and accentuation of dyschromia and wrinkles

⦁ Purifies the skin in depth to prevent inflammation and irritation

⦁ Helps the assimilation and of the active ingredients contained in the night cream and enhances the benefits

As you have seen, cleansing is a very important step for healthy and glowing skin.

In the evening, after a day of work, you are tired and the last thing you think about, is to waste even 10 minutes to clean your face thoroughly, but it is a mistake! Cleansing your skin, before going to sleep, is a gesture that will really make a difference. Try to believe it!


Now that we’ve seen the benefits of cleansing, I’m going to talk about another very common mistake, which is washing your face with simple soap.

The PH of the skin of our face is acidic, while the common soap is alkaline-based; if you use soap to wash the face, you go into imbalance the PH, causing skin worsening.

Using a hand soap or a bubble bath, on the face, you risk to dry out the skin, dehydrate and cause skin flaking as it removes the natural oily barrier, making the skin tight and not hydrated.

Another reason why it is better not to use a soap is that the chemicals inside, are good for the rest of the body because they are useful to clean it, but not to protect it.

In conclusion, washing your face with a soap not suitable for your skin type and not respectful of the sensitivity and pH of the face, will be extremely counterproductive.


In the last period we hear a lot about Double Cleansing, that is a double face wash, highly recommended by all dermatologists and beauty experts.

Oriental women have always used double washing and Korean and Japanese skin care are among the most copied and followed in the world. Think of the skin on their face! Velvety and similar to porcelain dolls.

It is widely proven that a single wash or the use of a makeup remover wipe, do not completely eliminate all impurities and residues of makeup and the skin will therefore not appear bright and deep cleaned.

From here comes the Dermalogica Double Cleanse technique includes a first wash with an oily detergent that allows you to remove and dissolve oily layers such as make up and creams with SPF and a second wash with a detergent based on water or surfactant that removes impurity, sweat and pollutants.

I want to show you these exceptional products that used in succession, will ensure a deep cleansing and a wonderful skin.

STEP 1: Precleaning (Precleanse balm, Precleanse)

A fantastic conditioner-oil that removes excess sebum, creams, makeup and pollutants; dissolves impurities; super moisturizing and soothing, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

STEP 2: Cleanser suitable for your skin type

For dry and sensitive skin: Ultracalming cleanser, Intensive moisture

For mixed or oily skin: Special cleansing gel, and Active clay cleanser

Acne and oil skin type: Clearing skin wash, and Dermal Clay Cleanser

Anti-ageing action: Skin resurfacing cleanser

As you have seen, you can find a detergent suitable for every need!

Make sure you make a good habit of double cleansing, morning and evening. It will take you away just a few more minutes, but you will see that the results will be very fast to arrive and your skin will become brighter and free of imperfections.

See you soon!

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