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Callus Peel Pedicure - hard skin removal treatment in Dublin

Every person desires the best aesthetics, which ultimately define their attractiveness and self-worth in some instances. Pedicures have gained widespread attention due to their ability to provide an exhilarating feeling. In most cases, pedicures involve the removal of hard, dead skin cells from the feet. They also help ensure that the toenails are clean while offering the benefits of smooth skin. One of the most effective yet unknown forms of pedicure is the callus peel. This blog post will adumbrate its benefits and basic forms to improve knowledge.

The benefits of Callus Peel Pedicure

Feet calluses are prevalent in modern-day society due to various factors such as long-distance walking, lack of hygiene, or even disinterest in pedicures. Au contraire, a callus peel procedure, is beneficial as it first removes the dead skin at the base of the foot. Most calluses are caused by dry skin, which can ultimately lead to pressure ulcers (Heaven Therapy, 2023). The removal of dead skin keeps the feet healthy and minimizes probable issues.

The second benefit is that it makes the feet feel soft and beautiful. Callus removal increases a person's confidence, especially if they are self-conscious about their feet. Softness and beauty contribute to an influx in life satisfaction and self-esteem (Heaven Therapy, 2023).

Callus peel procedures are also key in treating and preventing pain. It is without any doubt that cracked skin can be painful. This leads to a person being unable to walk comfortably, thus undermining their daily activities. The removal of dead skin improves mobility and minimizes pain.

What it is

A common question most people have is what exactly a callus peel pedicure is. First, this is a procedure that involves four key processes undertaken over 20 minutes (Heaven Therapy, 2023). The key step in the procedure involves applying the skin-softening gel to the calluses. The gel contains various acids, which are combined with a skin-softening formula. The acids are, however, safe for use in cosmetic products; thus, the client need not be worried about health issues.

The gel is left for at least fifteen minutes. The aim of the gel is to ensure that the feet are well moisturized and contained. The scraper is used to peel the calluses. The scraper is often cleaned and sterilized before use for various clients (LeSalon, 2020). After that, a sanding buffer comes in handy in ensuring that no dead skin remains on the foot.

Additionally, the sanding pads are disposed of after use to minimize infection. A special moisturizing cream is provided that can be used to massage the skin (LeSalon, 2020). This cream is designed with the aim of moisturizing the skin layers and removing any cells. At least fifteen minutes are required for the patching and five more for treatment. It is quite simple to perform with no extra costs incurred by the client. Moreover, every step is conducted with consideration to the client's level of comfort. If any pain is reported, then the pedicure is halted instantly.


A callus peel pedicure is seminal for every person who is conscious about their feet. It works over a long time period as long as the necessary hygiene is upheld. The process’ benefits are numerous and safe for various clients regardless of their ages.


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